The first CSHP action has been held on August, 2, and paintings for sale have been connected to bitcoin price. Then the title of this event was CRYPTOSHARKPARTY VOL 1. The first painting has been sold for 0,37 BTC, the last one - for 1,34 BTC.

Later party, created around paintings, has become CSHP. And intelligent networking for crypto community have become not only the place of paintings for sale, but also the place where investors, projects, journalists and developers assemble together.

Now we are developing directions related to the art for sale, exhibitions and technology attractions. There is a virtual CSHP GALLERY.

Now we are develop directions related to art for sale, exhibitions and technology attractions. There is a virtual gallery CSHP GALLERY.

CryptoShark’s series have only 8 paintings! The first of them is not for sale. CryptoShark #3 was given to Vitalik Buterin.
The rest of them are sold and participate in actions again.
The painting’s price begins with the final cost of the last painting.
You can buy painting CryptoShark #7, which has never been public and has been created for private order, at PRAIA on 17, April.
Starting price 1,34 BTC.
In case, the painting does not find a buyer, the price is 1 BTC.


Also you can buy the other paintings

If you buy a painting, you help to promote ideas of cryptocurrency and develop perceived crypto community.
HOLD - long-term investment 0,3 BTC

Aleksei Soloviev, artist, designer at Art. Lebedev Studio